Small Batch Artisinal Whipped Honey

Over the years we have experimented with infusing honey with various natural ingredients for taste and/or additional health benefits.

We now are starting to make very small batches of whipped honey (3 - 5 pounds at a time) with all natural dehydrated powdered ingredients in them.

When they are ready we list them on our online store as we only get a few jars of each size from each batch.

We bottle these in 4 oz. wide mouth jars as well as 16 oz. wide mouth jars for the flavors we think people will want in the larger jar. We also bottle them in a pack of 3 different types in a 3 oz. mason style jar for gifts or sampling.

Below are some of the types we have made. Remember they have limited availability. If you want something specific let us know and we will let you know when it is available.

Spice Rack Pack

Sweet Shoppe Pack

Organic Chocolate (Cacao) Whipped Honey

Organic Ginger Whipped Honey

Mojito (Peppermint & Organic Lime) Whipped Honey

Organic Hot Pepper Whipped Honey

Organic Pomegranate Whipped Honey