Handmade Honey Infusions

 When researching infused honey we found that most people heat the honey to temperatures that destroy all the goodness we use honey for. We make our infusions by gently warming the honey to no higher than 110°F.
We then decided to infuse our Natural Raw Honey in very small micro-batches. After the first week we check the smell and taste of the infusion until it meets with our approval. We let them steep low and slow. Some of our favorite infusions can take a month to be ready. We then strain the infused item out of the honey and bottle it in glass jars. Please note, there will usually be some remnants of the infused item in the jar. With some infusions we leave some in the jar it will continue getting bolder in flavor (Cinnamon, Vanilla Bean & Hot Pepper).
We look to keep these infusions subtle in flavor while adding the benefits of the infused item into the honey.