Queens Hot Pepper Honey

Wilk Apiary is all about being local and in 2017 became an official MiQ (Made in Queens) producer. We decided to change our very popular Ghost Pepper Honey that was sourced from New Jersey and make it a MiQ item.

We grew Ghost and Habanero peppers in our own backyard and  put them in jars of honey from our own apiaries. We also were able to source Wild Brazil Peppers from our friends at Hellgate Farm that are grown on the same rooftop as our Titan LIC Apiary. This roof is Hellgate Farm's main pepper farm for their wonderful hot sauces.

These "HOT" honeys are very limited and will continue to increase in strength as the pepper stays in the jar of honey. 

Each fall we will have new jars available, look out for some exciting new pepper varieties in 2018 as our partnership with Hellgate Farm continues to grow.