Martin Luther Apiary 11378 Maspeth


We meet people all the time that ask us if we would put honeybee hives on their property. Most of the time we find the property not suitable for a variety of reasons.

We met one of the teachers form Martin Luther at The Ridgewood Market. She thought it might be a great idea to have honeybees at the school.

She spoke with the decision makers and it was decided to do it in the spring of 2016. We had the students get involved by painting the hive boxes and installed the honeybees in May.

It was a difficult first season and we lost one hive to wax moths and hornets. We were able to get a small amount of honey that we bottled for the school to distribute.

Our future plans for these hives is to educate the students and faculty about honeybees and the need to protect and raise them, and possibly use some of the honey in fundraising for the school.

We also hope with good production that this becomes our Zip Code Local Honey 11378 Maspeth  as well as we relocated our original Maspeth hive in the summer of 2016.