Titan Rooftop Apiary 11101 LIC


Our Largest Apiary.......

Rob from Hellgate Farm introduced us to a gentleman who's family owned a 2 story industrial building next to the Queenboro Bridge in Long Island City.

He was interested in turning the 1 acre roof space into an agricultural space.

As we had some hives that needed relocation in July of 2014 we installed our first 2 hives on this wonderful piece of real estate.

The roof now is also one of The Hellgate Farm's sites as well with large growing boxes of peppers they use to make their wonderful Queens Hot Sauces along with our apiary of 7 hives of honeybees.

A new brewery opened two blocks away and we are very proud to have one of our hives sponsored by Big Alice Brewing. They make beer from our honey from this roof and special small batch beers from the honey produced by the hive they sponsor.

The honey from these hives is bottled in our Zip Code Local Honey 11101 LIC as well as in our Queens Blossoms Honey.