Tom Wilk with our first hive in 2012

In February 2012 Tom Wilk head beekeeper at Wilk Apiary took The New York City Beekeepers Association Beekeeping Course with Andrew and Norm Cote. From that tentative beginning we have grown to having 7 apiaries with 25 hives in 5 different areas of Queens County, NY.

Our main focus is to raise colonies of honey bees in New York City. We usually have just a hive or two per location. These locations are hosted by environmentally aware people who want to help the honeybees by having us put hives on their property. If a site is large enough and there seems to be enough forage space to accommodate more honeybees we will consider placing more hives.

In 2016 we found a beautiful site in Long Island to build a new apiary. We now have 7 hives of honeybees in Locust Valley, NY.

While it sometimes gets crazy going to multiple sites inspecting and servicing the honeybees, we like the idea of bringing honeybees to as many areas as we can.

We sell honey from our hives as well as other places to help pay for the costs involved with keeping honeybees in New York.