Where we sell our products

We have been selling our honey at The Ridgewood Market since it first started in April 2014. Our beekeeper Tom is known by all at Gottscheer Hall as "The Honey Guy". We are in our usual spot in the back of the hall at almost every market.

Finback Brewery also has a small craft market on some Sundays throughout the year. We try to always be a large presence at this market held at a great supporter and apiary host. One of our beekeepers will sometimes give quick tours to show the apiary in back to market goers if we aren't too busy.

In September NYC Honey Fest on the boardwalk in Rockaway is always a favorite event for us to sell our products. In 2017 we are helping  run the event that for the last 6 years was run by our friends at The Brooklyn Grange.

We also sell on-line and have links on every page on our website directing customers to our on-line store.

Our product line at NYC Honey Fest 2016

Stores that sell our honey

We are very happy to have the following establishments selling our honey.

Astoria Bier & Cheese both Astoria Locations

Big Alice Brewing

Cook's Crafts

Fleisher's Craft Butchery UES Location

Finback Brewery

Nature's Way Pharmacy

Queens Botanical Gardens Gift Shop

Places that serve and feature our honey

We are very happy to have the following establishments using our our honey.

Big Alice Brewing

Bridge and Tunnel Brewery

Fifth Hammer Brewing Company

Juiceland Brooklyn Location

Julia's Beer & Wine Bar

Rockaway Brewing Company

Terrior Tribeca

Our table at The Ridgewood Market