At Wilk Apiary we keep honeybees in New York City and other counties in New York State.. We currently have 6 apiaries in Queens 1 each in Nassau County, Ulster County and Orange County.
We bottle and sell the honey we collect to help defray the costs associated with keeping honeybees and running a business in NYC.
Since you cannot depend on our "city bees" to produce enough extra honey each year, we also purchase honey from our commercial beekeeping friends and market it in unique ways.
Here is the list of the brands of honey from Wilk Apiary. As we update our website, links will take you to descriptions of brands and honey currently available.

Our New York City Honey

Zip Code Local Honey

Queens Blossoms Honey

Our New York State Honey

Gold Coast Honey

Magnanini Farm Winery Honey

Specific Floral Source Honeys

Varietal Honeys (from the USA)

Imported Varietal Honeys

Spreadable Whipped Honeys

Whipped Honey

Artisinal Small Batch Whipped Honey