At Wilk Apiary the hyper-local natural raw honey that we collect from our own hives is our primary focus. Being a small producer we usually do not collect enough Zip Code Local Honey to provide to all of our family, friends and customers.

We source interesting varietal honeys from beekeeping friends who move their honeybees to pollinate different crops. Since they have many more hives and get paid for pollination services, they are able to provide us with honey we can offer to you at a lower cost. Each honey is 100% Pure Natural Raw Honey since we only work with beekeepers that care for their honeybees as well as we do. There are no additives, the variety on the label is the predominant flowers visited by the honeybees used to make the honey.

Listed are the types of Varietal Honey we have offered along with their origin. Sometimes we get a very small amount that sells out quickly. These honeys are bottled in Classic Style Glass Honey Jars of 8oz.and 16oz. Not all types and sizes are always available.

Alfalfa(South Dakota) ~ Bamboo(New York Finger Lakes) ~ Basswood(Pennsylvania)  ~ Blackberry(Pacific Northwest) ~ Blueberry(New Jersey) ~ Buckwheat(New York Finger Lakes) ~ Butter Bean(North Carolina) ~ Clover(New York Finger Lakes) ~ Cranberry(Central New Jersey) ~ Eucalyptus(California) ~  Gallberry(Georgia) ~ Goldenrod(Pennsylvania) ~ Linden(New York Finger Lakes) ~ Locust(New York Finger Lakes) ~ Orange Blossom(Florida) ~ Pine Barrens(Southern New Jersey) ~ Raspberry(Maine) ~ Saw Palmetto(South Florida) ~ Strawberry(New York Finger Lakes) ~ Tupelo(Florida Panhandle) ~ Wildflower(New Jersey)