Finback Brewery Apiary 11385 Glendale


In 2013 our hometown of Glendale was blessed with the additional of a new business.

While tasting honey at an event in Bushwick in 2013 we met the owners of Finback Brewery. During conversation with them we found that they had a strong commitment to the neighborhood, to the environment and a curiosity about honeybees.

They also had a backyard that was perfect for keeping some honeybee hives.

In 2014 we started with 2 hives and now have 3 hives in the backyard at the brewery.

They only time people realize they are there is when the beekeepers come in our white suits with our smokers.

The honey from these hives has been used in beer brewed at Finback and are bottled in our Zip Code Local Honey 11385 Glendale as well as in our Queens Blossoms Honey.