Ridgewood Rooftop Apiary - 11385 Ridgewood


While selling honey at The Ridgewood Market in 2013 we met a gentleman who used to have honey bees kept in his backyard until neighbors complained.

He owns a 3 story building that was originally built in 1931 as a Masonic Lodge. He offered to let us keep honeybees on the roof.

We happily accepted as there was elevator service up to the roof. We installed 2 hives of honeybees there in the spring of 2014.

He also had another beekeeping friend with other hives on the roof. Late in the 2016 season we started to also take care of his 5 hives.

The honey from our hives on this roof is bottled in our Zip Code Local Honey 11385 Ridgewood as well as in our Queens Blossoms Honey.