Where we sell our products

We sell our honey at various local markets in Queens. Most times we do not carry our full selection depending on the size of the market and the space.

By far the one place you will always find our full selection is at the NYC Honey Fest on the boardwalk in Rockaway usually the 2nd Saturday in September. In 2017 we started to run the event that for the last 6 years was run by our friends at The Brooklyn Grange.

We also sell on-line and have links on every page on our website directing customers to our on-line store.

Our product line at NYC Honey Fest 2019

Stores that sell our honey

We are very happy to have the following establishments selling our honey.

Astoria Bier & Cheese both Astoria Locations

Big Alice Brewing

Cook's Crafts

Finback Brewery

Nature's Way Pharmacy


Places that serve and feature our honey

We are very happy to have the following establishment using our our honey.

Big Alice Brewing

The Malt House


Our table at a Gottscheer Hall market